Howdy, my name is Jonathan 👋

I write high quality code and build products that solve real problems.

I am a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, mentor, and avid learner of all things tech.

I have extensive background in e-commerce but enjoy digging around in aerospace and healthcare industries.

The refactor this penguin with headphones and a laptop

What is it that I do?

Software Engineering

I have built a multitude of applications ranging from small personal tools to enterprise applications. Most of my work includes e-commerce, but I absolutely not afraid to get my hands dirty in other industries.

Technical Consultation

I have implemented many different types of technological systems across different teams and companies. Everything from e-commerce and content management systems, all the way to PBX (VOIP) and Linux servers. I like to call myself a "jack of all trades, master of plenty" because in anything I do, I strive to master it.

Mentoring & Education

I live by the the rule of "always be learning". If I am not learning, then I enjoy spending time teaching and helping junior developers progress in their career. I enjoy teaching and sharing my love for technology and have found that there is no better way that to work with like-minded individuals.

Some of my highlighted projects

What I've been up to


While at my current position within Pvolve, I have done plenty of interesting implementations, features, improvements, and bugfixes. One of my proudest acheivements is the e-commerce site rebuild. The previous theme was outdated and running on Shopify's old theme kit which had problems of it's own. The primary goal was to improve customer experience and optimize for cart completion, while also improving developer experience, site performance metrics, and give marketing teams a way to make modifications without engineering dependency.

Shopify ThemeAWSCognitoTailwind CSSAlpine JSPreact (certain pages)
pvolve home page

Synchrony Shopify App

Another notable project was with my time at CapGemini where I worked within a team to create and deploy a Shopify application for Synchrony Financial. This was such an awesome challenge as working within the financial industry is something that was new to me. We worked with the Shopify Financial API to create a "pay-in-4" and a credit application option for customers.

Shopify AppSplunkFinancial SystemsReactExpress
the app listing page for the synchrony financial app on shopify

Sport Formula

Another Shopify theme rebuild. Built from the ground up, the client wanted the same style as their original site, but better performance and more customizability. This was an interesting project that gave me a ton of experience with Shopify 3rd party apps especially Recharge, where we had effectively rebuilt the Recharge subscription widget among other things.

Shopify ThemeCSSRecharge
sport formulas home page

About me :)

I am an accomplished Senior Software Engineer with a passion for crafting efficient, high-performance code and a strong desire to tackle challenging projects. A proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and optimizing system performance across diverse software applications. Skilled in leading and mentoring engineering teams to excel in their professional growth while fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment. Seeking an opportunity to leverage expertise in software development in order to drive impactful results for a visionary organization.

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